52-5 bingo


52-5 bingo is a relatively new version of the classic bingo game. Similar to 90-ball and 75-ball bingo, the game is played with tickets shown in a different visual way per game theme.

A ticket holds five placeholders which represent different numbers. Each number is presented as different objects matching each of the 52 numbers on the game.

Buying tickets

Just like in classic bingo, each ticket should be daubed with the correct shape (number). Any ticket you have not purchased is covered and revealed once you buy it using the purchase panel.

You can keep track of the time left until the game starts by checking the buy time countdown, which appears on the top above the cards. When there are only 30 seconds left to the beginning of the game, the timer blinks.

Playing the game

The numbers are called randomly while the game plays, the first player to cover all five place holders on one of his tickets wins the game.

New bingo games begin every few minutes, so the wait is never long. Once the game begins, the caller will reveal the next number from the machine in sequence. You could always check which numbers were called in the ‘Calling Board’ tab.

Additional game information is available on the game info panel, including the number of players who have entered the game (purchased at least one ticket), the available jackpots and how to win them.

Covering Your Numbers

52-5 bingo variant offers only an "auto cover" option, which automatically places the shapes into their placeholders. The speed in which your tickets are being covered doesn't affect the outcome of the game, so even if your connection speed is slower than that of another player, and you have the winning ticket, the prize is yours no matter what!


If a player gets a full house on their bingo ticket, the game will end, and a winning message will appear including the names of the winners. Since it's possible for multiple winners to win a single game, the jackpot will be distributed evenly among the winners or by the proportion of winning tickets, depending on the particular game played.

If you weren't in the room in time to see the winning message, don't worry, you'll be awarded your wins, and you can see details of previous games in the "game history" section of the "my account" menu.

The game Return To Player (RTP) in Bingo 52-5 is affected by ticket price and some tickets purchased in each game.

Updated on 23/08/2017

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